Friday, 6 May 2016

The count down is on: trial loading of our balloon!

Will our voyager balloon including all the bits and pieces required fit into 'Betty'?

When we first unloaded all the cases we indeed got quite a bit of a shock  and weren't all that confident anymore: burner bag, poles bag, basket bag, fan, 2 tanks and then the long soggy envelope!
But after a few hours of various trials we found positions that would allow a stable and secure fitting of all parts towards the right side of the aeroplane.

The question then arouse: where to put our personal luggage, the emergency life raft, swim vests, pilots bags and photography and filming kit?

In the end I had to sacrifice my wonderful old-fashioned toilet in exchange to a light-weight foldable porter loo.

We will sadly also have to give up the idea of taking those wonderful solid old gin tonic tables.

Anyway, if that all allows me to sip my GnT whilst flying up in Betty and ballooning in some amazing places of this world, then it's a small price to pay!

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