Thursday, 19 May 2016

Interview for local TV 'Made in Bristol' - and Beech 18 memorabilia

Tuesday morning Phil and I had been invited to give a short interview to the local TV channel 'Made in Bristol'. 

We rigged the balloon in just over 5minutes (!) and explained how the system works. Watch out for the 'live' broadcast sometime in the next week.

This very interesting piece of a wooden picture frame still is a mystery to us: After Phil's mum had passed away and whilst we were contemplating buying the Beech 18, we cleared Barbara's loft - and out came this astonishing piece! 
We don't know where it had come from but I suspect that Phil had bought it many years ago and had completely forgotten about it...

Finding it on that day was so spooky that we went ahead with the purchase that very day!

Together with a load of old spares and documents we found this wonderful aluminium logbook of CF-SUQ - as she was registered then. 
The logbook dates back to the early 80ies and records her survey flights around Algeria. It's a fascinating piece of history.

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