Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Brilliant news: Betty is flying again!

Andy, our chief pilot and Roger, her engineer went on a pioneering test flight yesterday. They flew for over 2 hours and only a few minor quirks were discovered which can be fixed today.

All pilots will be meeting today (Tuesday the 24th) for their first training flights.

We are then planning to fly her via Bristol airport tomorrow lunch time down to Dunkeswell where she will be based for the next week for further training and engine run-in flights.

It will be great opportunity for you to see the aeroplane when she touches down for a short break tomorrow Wednesday the 25th at Bristol airport!

If you wish to come then please get in touch with me by either sending me an email to balloonjourneys@alliedunnington.co.uk or texting 07776202731. I can then inform you of the details and timings.

We are still uncertain about our final departure date as we need to re-confirm pilots availabilities and solve a few organisational matters but we are hoping to leave the UK at around the 12th of June!

BE CALM and keep fingers crossed!

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  1. Wonderful news!

    I have a fabulous view of planes coming in to land at Bristol Airport from my office window. Let me know what time Betty's coming in and I'll look out for her. Carolyn x