Sunday, 15 May 2016

Friday the 13th

Well, you might already have noticed that there was a prolonged silence in updating my blog. For two reasons:

1. Friday the 13th disappointingly has come up with its reputation as Roger found more problems with getting the left engine started. The planned first test flight therefore didn't happen but resulted instead of deep discussions about further plans.

See my first test of a video recording (will improve the sound quality during the next interviews) and a trial of using Apple's i-video editing system which has cost me now numerous grievances!

2. The weather finally was finally suitable for ballooning and I have done two challenging and exciting flights over the last 24 hours. (see more in the next blog about those).

As you also might have gathered: we are still here and haven't yet (sadly - for the better!) left for the Orkneys and the Arctic. This though has left the team in quite difficult circumstances as everybody has to re-arrange schedules and plans.

We are meeting again this coming Wednesday afternoon for further discussions at Staverton.

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