Friday, 6 May 2016

Our maintenance organisation and the people behind it: RGV Starverton


RGV Aviation has been based at Gloucestershire Airport (EGBJ) since 1973. 

The business was started by Ralph G. Vincent (RGV), built on the solid values of good customer service and value for money. The company started out renting a single hangar bay from the airport, until in 1985 it had its first hangar built at Unit SE40 Gloucestershire Airport.


Stuart J. Vincent joined RGV in 1983 and with Alec J. Stuart who joined in 1992 has built the company to where it is now-  the leading GA maintenance provider in the UK. 

The values adhered to by their father are still at the core of the business today.

In 2012 the engineering part of the business moved into the purpose built facility that RGV now occupies, enabling RGV to provide more customers the hassle free service that they like. 

As an established EASA Part 145, FAA Repair Station and EASA Part M, Subpart G maintenance facility, RGV has the ability and capability to support any aircraft, regardless of requirements.


Roger has worked with vintage aircraft since May 1984.  He joined RGV in 2014. 

Roger has worked for Ray Hanna and the Old Flying Machine Co. Ltd from May 1984 until March 2006 on all types of vintage aircraft including Spitfires, P-51 Mustang’s, Messerschmitt 109’s, Hunter jet’s etc.

This winter he has spent most of his time working on ‘Betty’ trying to fix every single part within her aged body including the fitting of a new left engine which turned out to be a major headache both for Roger and the owner’s pockets!

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