Sunday, 8 May 2016

Day 6 prior to planned departure: Dooms day!

Well, what shall I say at the end of a beautiful May day with plenty of warm sunshine and lovely spring flowers?

We have to be very philosophical about this whole adventure! 'Keep calm and carry on' is probably a good summary of the last two frustrating days.

Despite Roger's and the team's massive efforts in getting Betty started, somehow the left new engine doesn't want to spring to life!

There is still no real answer to what is wrong with the system but the fact is that our plans to take the Beech flying today have fallen apart.

As our pilots were already gathering in their private aeroplanes ready to fly up to Gloucester they eventually met for a chat down in Dunkeswell whilst the Dunnington's took to a relaxing walk in the Chew Valley area (including several watering holes!).

We also failed to get hold of the organisers of the Trans-Atlantic crossing and are worried about the logistics and potential delays of our planned departure on the 14th.

Maxim: keep calm, drink red wine and -

never mess with an 'old lady'!


  1. Your recalcitrant radial has reminded me of my all-time favourite film scene. ( You know the one!)
    Perhaps if you film your efforts to start the engine, she will eventually co-operate?
    Good luck - looking forward to lift off!
    Bon voyage, Robin.

  2. bloody brilliant!! Laughed my socks off as I don't think I have seen this film before! Phil of course knows it. Well, we are indeed exactly in that situation (well luckily not stuck in the desert!) as we now need a new starter motor and some more new wiring but all of this will delay our departure by quite a bit. Anyway, we'll keep you posted!