Saturday, 7 May 2016

Only 8 days to go - and many problems to solve!

Will the engineering team get Betty ready in time? Will the balloon and all other equipment fit into the aeroplane? Lots of hurdles are still to be resolved before our planned departure on saturday the 14th from Bristol airport!

It is truly getting exciting now! There are only 8 days left before our departure but there is still so much to do: the new engine has to be 'run' in with over 15 hours of flying time and yesterday we heard that it's not starting!

Pilots will need hands on flight training on Betty and we still haven't quite 100% worked out our loading and weight!

Roger - RGV's vintage aircraft specialist  - has been working non-stop over the last weeks including bank holidays and sundays to get every piece of the aircraft together.

We spent a great day at Staverton test packing and practising the rigging of the new basket. It was marvellous to see the Beech in full sunshine and being nearly ready to spread her wings again after the long months in the hangar.

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