Monday, 9 May 2016

A tribute to Phil's mum Barbara Dunnington - a great lady who made this trip possible for us!

Barbara Dunnington

grew up in Lancashire and Yorkshire and, days before his departure to fight in Burma in WWII, committed to marry John Dunnington, a schoolmaster. 

They were separated for nearly six years, he injured in a Japanese air attack (for which he earned medals for bravery) and she a nurse in the WRNS volunteer force at Haslar near Portsmouth. 

After her husband spent a year with British occupation forces in north Germany they were reunited in Torquay in 1946. Phil was born in 1947!

John taught maths & English in Pickering, Yorkshire and later in Windsor whilst Barbara became deeply involved in PTA (Parent/Teachers) activity at Phil's Windsor Grammar School, moving to Bath in retirement in the 80s. 

She died in September 2014 after a short illness. It is due to both her spirit and her legacy that 'On The Beech' has been made possible.

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