Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Windy flight to Nuuk and a reindeer BBQ at a friend's house

sunset over the Nuuk Bay at midnight
You wouldn't have flown a balloon this morning down the runway at Narsarsuaq! It was 25kt gusting 36kt and even the local ATC man Peter warned our pilots against taking off in this wind.
flight planning at Narsarsuaq
But after a long discussion and taking into account other weather factors such as cloud base, the weather in Nuuk, freezing levels and so on, the group was happy to give it a will.
Sam took off first leading the RV with Mark and Rocky followed by us in the Beech.
sandy beaches along the flight
The first 30mins coming over the Fjord, high mountain terrain and some extensive ice was a little bit worrying (at least from my window seat) and it was a bit bumpy, but nothing serious and so we carried on heading up the Southern/ western shoreline of Greenland.

Highlights on this flight despite the cloudy weather was a beautiful beach with wonderful white sand. Sadly my bikini was stuck in my bag in the front nose of the aeroplane!

I have also never seen a beach where a Glacier runs down into it.
Bluei East 4
Followed by this low fly past came Bluei East 4: another abandoned airstrip from World War II. John did a low level circuit and we could also see many oil barrels scattered around the strip. This time we certainly didn't want to attempt another landing. One scare was enough!
approach to Nuuk International airport
Finally after 2.11 hrs a good touch down at Nuuk International airport which seemed really busy with scheduled Air Greenland flights and other movements.
departed soul?
After a short taxi ride we arrived at our 'hostel' for the night. Some nicely wooden cottages dotted along an isolated shoreline. Lizzy the owner welcomed us with free tea and coffee - but even better: with free (and working!) wifi!!! the afternoon was made!

Hammering and computering away I finally left the tech center to explore town.
Betty parked up and refuelled at Nuuk
Paula waiting patiently for pick up
The evening then was spent at the local air freight manager's house Thomas, who kindly invited us to join him for his hand-shot reindeer feast! We enjoyed a most delicious BBQ with raindeer burgers, sauce bearnaise, beans and french fries - and great beer and wine!
most people park their boats infront of their houses on the hills of Nuuk
The evening flew past with lots of aviation stories and plenty of good jokes.
delicious freshly cooked reindeer Burgers self-hunted by Thomas
The pillow saw my head at midnight with a view to the setting sun outside. Another great day! 

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