Sunday, 25 June 2017

Flight to Kulusuk and nearly getting stuck in Bluei East Two!

Betty stranded at Bluei East 2
The next day (Friday) we had to face a very challenging and slightly frightening crossing to Greenland as the weather was bad and we were stuck in low cloud, tried to climb to get out of the cloud but then the aeroplane started to freeze and the front windscreen was totally iced up!! 

After 2 hours though finally land in sight and we had a great landing in Kulusuk.

Betty deep stuck in the sandy runway
And then came the most amazing story of our lives and this trip and world's history so far: We dared to fly into Bluei east 2! - which is an abandoned American airbase from Second World War!! 
derelict American army trucks and the Beech in the background
No civil aircraft has landed there since 1947 when the Americans suddenly stopped using this base on  this remote island/fjord and left everything including trucks and thousands of oil barrels behind (creating an environmental disaster that is just being discussed between the Danish and the Greenlandic government).

spooky atmosphere! Quite like 'Fitzcaraldo' by Werner Herzog!

As Betty touched down on the soft ground, John made a solemn face: Betty looked quite stuck!! Her tyres deeply in that soft ground!! If we couldn't get her out of here, then that would have been her final resting place forever probably!!
Betty and us praying to get out of here!

It was an hour of huge worries for us... but John, the bush pilot from South Africa managed with a special technique to lift her off the runway and we rose like in the film the 'flight of the Phoenix!' What a relief!!!

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