Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Off the ground at last!! Flight up to Wick and meeting the team for our Trans-Atlantic crossing

We are finally off the ground and left Bristol this morning with a wonderful send off by friends and media!

Thanks so much for everybody involved in getting this project finally off the ground!

Phil and I still can't quite believe that we are doing this now!!

BBC points West came up to document the packing of the balloon and our take off. Enjoy watching this video:

Leaving Bristol we flew over Wales and John and Phil skillfully maneuvered Betty around Liverpool airspace. 

Passing the Lake District I spotted Ullswater and we had to dodge between some low cloud and high terrain. 
Leukars airfield

Entering Scotland we left Edinburgh to our west and passed the Fifth of Forth followed by St. Andrews Golf course and Leuchars military airfield. 

I also spotted the two bridges by Dundee before we finally landed after 3 hours and 18 minutes at Wick! Well done John and Phil!

We were soon joined by the two other aircraft and had our survival briefing! 

 Now soon to dinner and brief for our crossing to Iceland planned to take off at 7 local time! Keep fingers crossed!
Sam Rutherford giving us a briefing

testing the immersion suits but mine didn't fit!

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