Sunday, 25 June 2017

Catching up finally with internet - find links to other pages here!

route from the UK via Iceland to Greenland
Hi dear followers,

I am sorry for the long silence but modern high speed internet hasn’t (gladly in a way!!) not yet arrived in north-eastern Greenland! So since we got here to this massive piece of land near the Arctic Circle internet has been extremely expensive and not strong enough to upload photos or send Whatsapp messages.
from left to right: John Herbet our pilot, Tim, Paula Phil
Luckily today is Sunday here in Greenland and all is shut, including the airport at Narsarsuaq where we are for the first time on this trip staying for two nights. Time to finally catch up with writing, sorting hundreds of spectacular photos, tons of gopro and video clips and catching up with a bit of desperately needed sleep.

Added to that, the internet here in Greenland is quite poor and extremely expensive.
A lovely local girl at Kulusuk airport
Before I forget it, I wanted to let you know that you can see some superb photos and youtube films of our adventures by following the ‘Vintage Air Rally’ facebook page of Prepare2go.:

A few photos (see captions ) that I am posting on this blog were shot and edited by Jeremy Martin, team member and photographer of Prepare2go. We also have another professional photographer and film maker on this trip: Timothy Allen whose footage you also can track by clicking at the following links:

(sorry don't have the time to create proper links, please just find yourselves!).

And if that wasn’t enough, there is one more wonderful character on board of our trip: Paula Froehlich from the New York, USA, a journalist and writer whose profile you can also try and find somewhere in the wide world of facebooks and instagrams.
Paula in love with a polar bear

So let me know try and catch up where I have left you last by recollecting all the stories and adventures since we left Isafjador on that grey, windy and cold Friday morning… it feels like a century ago and it’s actually only 2 days!

view from our hotel in Kulusuk, Greenland

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