Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Sector 2: via the Faroe Islands to Egilstadir in Iceland

Heading north to Iceland!
A view across to the Faroe islands shrouded in overhanging cloud
Sector nr two : our flight past the cloud shrouded Faroe islands into still snow covered Iceland went extremely well with an early take off at 7 local and just over 3 hours for time. 
3 hours and 18mins over water. view to the Faroe Islands

approaching the Fjords of Iceland
On arrival in Egilstadir we had to hire two cars to drive to another village 32 km away whose name I cannot pronounce and remember ...

an unusual offload!
Phil with our luggage

Betty parked at Egilstadir 
Whilst one car went directly to the hotel, I and some of the others stayed on in Egilstadir trying to refuel our two gas cylinders. I had sourced propane in Iceland months ago but then the troubles started as we struggled all afternoon in vain to fix the correct adapters to refuel.
I even had a personalized bottle reserved for me!

after spending hours in a specialized shop we went back
 to the aeroplane to try and fix connectors ourselves - also in vain!
Various local guys were extremely helpful but so far no success.

On top of all this the weather now changed to miserable tipping rain, wind and low cloud and not looking great for tomorrow either! 
there are certainly lots of waterfalls here and I think I know why!

An American tourist cooking a massive BBQ just for himself
Temps around 8 degrees and that's in a place where a beer costs you 10 bucks and propane four times more than home. And my tooth is also starting to bugger me again.

Hei ho enough moan.. It was still a very exciting day and we' ll flight on tomorrow! Too tired now and nearly deleted all of this...

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