Saturday, 3 June 2017

Test packing of the balloon into the aircraft

Time is literally 'flying' now! Only 17 days to D-day!! (departure ex Bristol planned for the 20th of June!)

Phil and Roger discussing the 'ladder'
Betty is still at RGV in Gloucester undergoing some final repairs, whilst we are sorting out paperwork for the aeroplane's insurance, pilot's licences, visas, entry permits and another million things. 

figuring out what type of ladder we should take. Not this one of course!
Yesterday we went up to see progress and chat to the engineers Roger and Tom.

One question mark is still what ladder we should take? A folding ladder that Phil had previously bought was too short, but the new one turns out to be too bulky.

Looking at the remaining space in the aircraft once the balloon and we are in, it won't leave room for much else! (save your knickers for another week!)

But the ladder was only a minor issue. Getting our small ultra light-weight O-56 hot air balloon in there, was a much bigger and more complex issue. 

Despite previous trails, we were surprised on how much space the entire kit will still need. 

struggling with the 'sleeping-bag' cover
One seat for sure will have to come out.

Phil's idea of a 'sleeping-bag-type' of balloon cover also proved tricky as the material of this brand-new envelope was so slippery that we struggled to get the fabric into the zip bag.

Last but not least, we found a solution to fit everything into the aeroplane but this plan will need to be checked once we got the weight-and-balance to do. 

Hei ho, there is never a boring minute with this project!

failed attempt! Back to the normal envelope bag for now

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