Friday, 9 June 2017

Final preparations before the Trans-Atlantic departure ex Bristol Airport!

Betty the Beech flying a display at the Chalke Valley festival 

It is getting increasingly exciting! In only 11 days we hope to be on our way to start one of the greatest aviation adventures: an unprecedented attempt to fly our 65-year old 'Betty the Beech' (a Beech 18 - G-BKGM) around the world with a first sector crossing the Atlantic via Iceland, Greenland and northern Canada.

Phil and Allie Dunnington in their light-weight basket

'Bristol Airways' at Chambley, France
This in itself has been done before, but it was Phil's idea to carry a small hot air balloon - a Cameron 0-56 (G-DKGM) - inside the aircraft in which the team will attempt to fly in locations where nobody has flown a balloon before!
Phil flying G-DKGM in Bristol

Follow our story on this blog and see you on the 20th in the morning at Bristol airport for our departure to Wick!

For some videos on this project scroll down to previous pages or watch those short videos: by Quintessence films and this one by BA pilot Kevin McDonald (USA): 

The new balloon in matching colours to the aeroplane

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  1. You are in safe hands with John. He taught me all I know about flying and all I have forgotten as well.
    Safe flying