Thursday, 22 June 2017

The most incredible flight in a Beech 18 across Iceland flying in formation

WOW!!! This was to all of us - except maybe Sam our expedition leader who has done this already several time - the most incredible flight of our lives!

We had set off from Egilstadir with a four hour delay to due the fire on the RV which meant missing getting to Greenland on the same day, but the take off was uneventful luckily this time and soon we were all cruising fairly close to each other at 5,500 feet.
The RV without its spats/pants

And the scenery got stunning, and more stunning and more stunning!

It was just incredible as we past endless uninhibited vast plains with ice, rocks and tarns. Then there was suddenly a vulcano sticking out of this moon landscape with its snow-capped top spitting steam and attracting cloud.
watch this video from my inflight commentary: (took hundreds of film clips but sadly no time to edit)

for several long minutes we flew a very close formation with the Saratoga which Sam was flying and had the photographers Tim and Jeremy and journalist Paula on board..

We then hit a bit of weather and the RV decided to do a left turn to avoid this big storm cloud whilst we and the Saratoga went right hand side past it. we couldn't go much higher as it would have meant a risk of freezing the aeroplane (and us!) but luckily we entered another good patch of lovely clear weather that ;lasted pretty much till our final destination - the small town of Isafjador.

Sam refuelling his aeroplane

As we flew into the valley of the airstrip my eyes kept searching for it. But I could see nothing that looked remotely like anywhere to land. Then John headed the aeroplane straight for a massive mountain and I nearly thought 'that's it'! we are going to crash. But I knew that I was in safe hands with John and indeed we suddenly did a very steep bank to the left and there it was: the tiny airstrip of Isafjador! Pew!! That was tight!
the runway on the left

so happy!!!

Later on we were taken by bus to our little hotel in town and enjoyed the most delicious rustic seafood dinner in an old traditional icelandic hut. the food was soooo good! So in retrospective we were all glad to have stopped here and not rushed onto Greenland. that's something for today !

the most delicious seafood


  1. Great photos! "The Dream is Alive!"

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