Thursday, 15 June 2017

The team complete: Pilot John Herbert and his wife Anne have arrived from South Africa!


Betty getting a clean wash at RGV Staverton
It's too late now for me to write a long story about today's events but I have to say that it was certainly the best day for many in this long Beech saga! Things are indeed getting very excited now with D-Day only being 4 days away!

John and his wife Anne have arrived after their 24 hour journey from South Africa. It's lovely to see them after many months of emailing and remote phone calls.
Despite their lack of sleep, John was keen to get up to Staverton to 'meet' Betty!

John and Anne checking the instrument panel
And there she was: her silk body glittering in the warm sunlight freshly hand-washed by RGV manager Stuart Vincent!
Stuart polishing Betty whilst talking on the phone managing his business! He said that he thoroughly enjoyed washing the aeroplane as it was the perfect excuse not to sit in his office.We don't blame him for this!
....but after a while that job gets exhausting as well?

John seemed to be pleased with what he saw during this first inspection and we are very much looking forward to welcoming Tim Darrah back again tomorrow for a first round of test flights in the Gloucester area. Look out for the Beech!

Interview with Phil Dunnington about his life's dream: 'On the Beech':

Phil finally to be seen with a cheeky smile!

Listen to John's first impressions about 'Betty the Beech':
John talking to Tom Watson the engineer
And hear what Anne has to say about this whole crazy idea:
Anne seemingly enjoying herself in the cockpit

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