Sunday, 2 July 2017

Stuck in Sorel!

                                             Saturday the 1st of July. Canada day and rain!
Betty and the Cadillac
Got up early and went running trying to find a way to jump into the river for a swim. Found somewhere and had my first swim in 2 weeks which was glorious and a warm 20 degrees.

Winds calm but clouds low and it started to rain soon after. We all enjoyed a huge breakfast at the Aeroclub and made some preps for the US entry and immigration paperwork.
Allies enjoys a huge plate of Crepes
Today being Canada day and a special holiday there had been a vintage car rally planned in conjunction with our aeroplanes and some more vintage aircraft. Sadly due to the bad weather only one Cadillac turned up and posed with Betty alongside for some photographs.

 By late morning the chase for finding a suitable hanger for the Beech was still on but it became clear what we couldn’t fly to anywhere in this weather. John though discovered a very fierce looking red snake - did we fold that one in when we packed the balloon away or how did it get in?

John the snake whisperer
By later noon we were back at our Hostel in Sorel Tracy. Out of all places to get stuck probably the best so far as the place had good wifi, a pub next door and cosy beds.

room nr 6!

A peaceful afternoon catching up with the blog, emails and sleep was actually quite a welcomed break from the rushing around in the previous days. Dinner was spent in a fancy hotel near the river with our very kind and helpful friends from the airfield.

We also finally managed to find a hangar: it’s north of Toronto in Eden Vale and Betty will be cuddling a Lancaster for the winter!!

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