Sunday, 9 July 2017

Enjoy some amazing photos of our Trans-Atlantic flight taken by Mark Albery

Rogier, or in short 'Rocky' and his friend Mark, flew their home-built RV across the Atlantic often flying in formation with us in the Beech 18. Rocky took some beautiful photos of our trip, which he kindly allowed me to share with you.

Please enjoy those photos all taken by Mark Albery:

Allie trying the survival suit in Wick (it was too large so had to do without it!)

Allie checking her balloon prior to flight in Iceland

first ever aeroplane balloon retrieve and drop off in history (Narsarsuaq Greenland)

Allie inflating the balloon in Egilstadir, Iceland

Bear island, Northern Canada

Betty the Beech flying along the coast of Greenland

The Beech over Greenland

morning mist over the Kulusuk bay

first ever hot air balloon flight Narsarsuaq, Greenland

spotting a crashed DC 3 north of Iqaluit

Ice in the bay of Kulusuk

kids playing in Qikiqtarjuaq, Arctic Canada

the village of Kulusuk

Allie taking off in Egilstadir, Iceland

happy girl with country no 84 in her logbook

approach to Narsarsuaq , southern Greenland as seen from the RV


free flight over Greenland

:Paula, Rocky and John on a walk

preparations for the balloon flight in Greenland

saying farewell to the burnt spats in Qik

Sam Rutherford at the controls of his Saratoga

John Herbert in the Beech (with us on board) and Sam Rutherford in formation flight over Greenland

the RV approaching Kulusuk airport

all in Betty during a taxi at Iqaluit, northern Canada

Timothy Allen playing with his drone in Qik surrounded by local kids

The best fish supper of the trip at Isafjodor,North western Iceland

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