Saturday, 1 July 2017

Finally an update again on our progress!

Qikiqtarjuaq to Pangnirtung via the gorge (tallest peaks 6050 m and steepest cliff Mt Thor)

The Beech flying through the gorge near Parnitung
Sorry I am now way behind the power curve on reporting and updating but this is mainly due to the lack of internet. Both Iqaluit – despite being the capital city of this huge province called Nunavut – and Schefferville (one of the main northern Canadian mining towns) didn’t have enough capacity to upload any websites never mind lots of photos or videos.

So I am typing those lines now sitting high above the clouds in Betty cruising at 8000ft over the vast and endless tundra-like area of northern Quebec on our way from Schefferville to Montreal/.

Mark inviting Tim to fly with him in the RV at Qik

We have just said good-bye to Mark and Rocky in their RV as they are heading straight for the United States today if they can make it, whilst we will be spending one more night with Sam’s team and I am very much hoping to get my balloon flight in.

It’s been too long now since the last one in Greenland but the terrain and the lack of supporting vehicles or a helicopter meant that my options for flying were seriously limited. The main regret I have indeed, was the lack of frozen ice or snow up North – so maybe next time we do the crossing in winter? just joking...

But we cannot complain: so far we managed to fly or planned routes as per itinerary and we had the most glorious weather on all the highlight days allowing for some stunning film and photographic footage. I have not managed to type much more during that flight as we had to descend to 3000ft and it got very bumpy. But we landed safely and sound in quite some low cloud in Sorel airport which is ca 100miles to the East of Montreal after a long 4 hours flight.
Phil and John having to manually refuel from drums in Qik
It was somehow strange to suddenly see houses, roads, fields and civilization again! I felt party sad partly relieved.

To cut a long story short now as I am running again out of time: I will update this blog in retrospective at a later stage when we have finally found a suitable place to keep Betty for the winter. Time is pressing hard on us to do so and many earlier options have fallen through due to high costs.
Paula and Jeremy testing the ice
From now on you also won't be able to follow us anymore on the tracking system as the rally is completed and Sam will fly back to the UK tomorrow. But you should be able to follow our flight today towards Nashua in the US via flight radar 24.
Sam's Saratoga ready for the gorge flight 

all three aircraft parked in Qik

It will be a challenging day as entry into the US can be difficult. We will have to chose two designated airports to land there and clear customs.

Internet should be better again from now on and so I hope to upload some more photos soon!

Keep fingers crossed find can find a home for our lovely bird who has performed so well!!!
more soon...

Betty at Iqaluit airport

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  1. Is Prince Charles following you?? He's just been to Iqaluit as well, I think...Just curious...