Sunday, 28 May 2017

A visit to RGV to see progress on Betty's annual maintenance inspection

A couple of days ago we went to see the Beech at RGV Gloucester. 

Betty being thoroughly examined
She's now sitting in a nice hangar but stripped down to her bare bones again. This bird is certainly keeping all of us involved on our toes as there is still so much to sort out and prepare before the start of the big trip on the 20th of June! Keep fingers crossed the old lady behaves!

Phil and Tom the engineer putting on a contemplating face
The day we visited four young chaps were working on her - looking at the maintenance manual myself, I wondered how anybody in the world would know how to put all those parts back into place! I am glad some people know...

Beech 18 G-BKGM maintenance manual
We finally retreat for a nice lunch outside in 25 degrees hot sunshine with Roger and Richard - a newly qualified UK balloon PPL (but former ex-Luftwaffe fighter pilot!).

More to follow soon! Watch this space!

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