Saturday, 1 April 2017

Betty is spreading her wings again!

Tim Darrah at the controls
After a long hibernation at her stately home Betty finally spread her wings again and flew under the careful eyes of Tim Darrah (and Phil) back to Gloucestershire airport.

getting Betty ready at Charlton Park
Simon Wrighton (ATC Bristol)

I sadly missed taking any photos of her take off and landing as someone had to drive the car!

Thanks also so much for Roger Shepherd for his hard work over the winter and taking care of her. The engines started without any problems and all was back into one piece (despite the mice attack!)
Roger Shepherd chasing unwelcomed passengers
The Beech will undergo her annual inspection at RGV Staverton and then we will start a new attempt at doing the Trans-Atlantic crossing by mid-June. Keep fingers crossed!

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