Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Betty flying into her winter home at Charlton Park

After a frustrating summer missing public displays and opportunities for Trans-Atlantic departure due mainly to pilot availability - we finally got Betty into a lovely winter home at Charlton Park Estate near Malmesbury.
She was flown by pilots Tim Darrah and Ed Dablin taking off from Staverton/Gloucestershire airport on a glorious autumn day coming past the stately mansion house and landing in calm winds on the Estate's westerly runway 25.
 After a safe landing, Betty was skilfully towed into the hangar by the very helpful estate manager on a tractor sparing only a few inches on either side of her wings. That was tight!

 It was sad to see her going to rest again after she’s performed so well on today’s flight.
One day for sure Betty will finally embark on her epic journey around the world -  for now at least she has got a good and safe home for the winter!

It was particularly nice that the Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire and his entire family including many grand-children were at home to watch this impromptu aviation day which even included a launch of our baby hopper G-HEXE!

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