Saturday, 9 July 2016

See 'Betty the Beech' at the Gloucestershire Airport Open Day on the 16th of July

Gloucestershire Airport is holding an Open Day on Saturday the 16th of July and Betty the Beech will be on static display during the day. For more info see the airports website here:

Come to this fun day with plenty of interesting aircraft and events. Weather permitting a hot air balloon will be launching from the airstrip later that evening. For booking a ticket go to the Bristol Balloons website: 

In the meantime Phil and I are trying to log a few more new countries and have escaped the other side  of the big pond, to Argentina.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a superb hopper flight yesterday morning in quite interesting wind conditions with a very cold calm ground layer allowing for an easy launch and landing but surprisingly finding me zooming along the wet countryside at 23kt at only 400ft! 

Thanks so much to Argentinian ballooning friends for helping with gas, launch sites and retrieve!! You are fantastic! Muchos gracias!


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    1. you mean here in Argentina? We are off to Uruguay tomorrow then back here to BA. Maybe up to Iguacu if time allows. The Beech trip hopefully kicks off end of August with the same routing as previously planned.

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