Friday, 10 August 2018

In Greenland!!

Arrival in Nuuk - Greenland!

Late evening arrival in Nuuk, Greenland
Tim and Andrew have made very good progress over the last few days and have reached the capital of Greenland- Nuuk - last night.

Flying over 'Bear island' heading for Iqaluit, Nanavut, Northern Canada

Arrival just before the weather closes down in Iqaluit, Canada
 Leaving the shores of northern Canada last night they had to load a big heavy drum of Avgas into the Beech as the next destination was unable to provide refuelling facilities. Luckily, the drum could just about be squeezed through the door! But what a struggle!
Loading of the Avgas drum into the  Beech

The team is hoping to cross Greenland today.  Depending on the weather they might either cross straight over the Icecap which will mean flying very high due to high terrain or going around the southern coast which is a long detour but allows a stop over in Narsarsuaq.

We are wishing Tim and Andrew the very best and safe flying on today's challenge and will be following them on the live tracker: Beechferryflight

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